PVC is one of the most durable and versatile materials used in residential and commercial construction. Unlike other materials (Cedar, pine and fiber-cement board), PVC is left largely unaffected by pests and the elements.

Often people end up settling for other siding and trim options because of the high cost that has become associated with materials that are so long-lasting.

McCarty is known for leading with quality at a price that other retailers claim to be impossible. We deliver quality materials like PVC siding and trim at a price that eliminates the need for other, inferior options.

SidingTrim BoardsScrews, Plugs, Cement
Board & Batten up to 20′1″x4″x18′2″ Screws and plugs
Reversible Bead Board1″x6″x18′2″ Screws and plugs
Shiplap1″x8″x18′2.75″ Screws and plugs
1″x10″x18′2.75″ Screws and plugs
PVC Corner Boards1″x12″x18′2″ 16g Stainless nails
Solid Edge (4″ & 6″)1″x16″x18′2 1/2″ 16g Stainless nails
Concealed Edge (4″ & 6″)5/4″x4″x20′PVC Cement 16oz

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