Have a list of miscellaneous fix-it tasks needing attention?  Or, maybe you need a repair.  With reasonable rates and a prompt response time, there’s not much we can’t take care of for you.

Commode Repair

  • Replace wax ring
  • Repair/replace internal components
  • Repair leaks


  • Re-caulk
  • Seal existing grout
  • Replace finish fixtures

Bathroom Vanity/Sink

  • Re-caulk
  • Drain repairs
  • Replace finish fixtures

Kitchen Countertops/Sink

  • Re-caulk
  • Drain repairs
  • Replace finish fixtures
  • Install garbage disposal


  • Replace existing light fixtures
  • Replace exhaust fans
  • Replace existing outlets
  • Replace switch outlets and plate covers
  • Replace smoke detectors


  • Leak repairs
  • Clogged drains
  • Replace existing sump pump

***Materials may be extra. Case by case basis. Contractor discretion. Contractor reserves the right to turn down a project based on their discretion.

***Based on location, there may be a difference in service fees for calls outside of the Central Ohio area.